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 If you have already learned how to fly an airplane and obtained your pilot’s license, you may be wondering what’s next. Treasure Coast Motorgliding (TCMG) located in sunny Florida, is pleased to provide tailwheel training courses for those looking for additional flight training services and the next step in their aviation career. 

What is a Tailwheel Aircraft?

 Tailwheel aircrafts are traditionally smaller, historical planes. It is an aircraft with conventional landing gear or tailwheel landing gear and has a small wheel which supports the tail and two main wheels which support the front of the craft. TCMG uses a 1948 Luscombe 8E for this type of training – an airplane powered by an 85HP engine pushing it along at 110 MPH at 2300 RPM which represents about 65% available power.

Why Take a Tailwheel Training Course?

 Taking a tailwheel training course allows you to enjoy flying and history. The valuable skills learned during this course also translate well for use in other aircrafts. In our course, you will learn to master takeoffs and landings on normal runways and grass. You will also be exposed to various wind conditions which develop your confidence in your flight ability.

Our tailwheel training course typically takes 10 hours to complete and you will receive a tailwheel endorsement after the course is successfully completed.

Why Choose TCMG?


TCMG courses in Florida are designed to let students learn and progress as fast as they are able according to their skill level. We strive to keep costs low for our courses so that more students are able to finish the certification.

The training techniques we use are designed to emphasize using natural external references while using instruments as secondary support for the pilot. We also stress effective and safe control.

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Julian - This Luscombe 8E is truly a wonderful aircraft. Not only is it fun to fly , the airmanship shills developed in learning to fly it have been indispensable going forward