TCMG Flight Training in Vero Beach

 TCMG Flight Training provides professional flight training services for anyone wanting to learn how to fly and obtain their pilot license in an airplane. 

TCMG Flight Training


We provide professional flight training services for anyone wanting to learn how to fly and obtain their pilot license in an airplane.

The available courses  include Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor,Tail Wheel Endorsement and Spin training.

The training methods used by TCMG Flight Training are based on more than 40 years of providing flight instruction at many area schools, which include Piper Aircraft Corporation and Flight Safety Academy.

​TCMG specializes in developing sound piloting skills with emphasis on attitude flying using the natural horizon.

We have two great classics in a 1948 Luscombe 8E and a 1968 Mooney A2A Cadet. 


Training Goals

Courses  provided by TCMG are structured to allow the student to progress as  rapidly as their skill level permits while attempting to keep their cost  to the minimum required for completion.

The aircraft we use  develop strong stick & rudder skills in the pilot. They are strong  basic aircraft responding well to pilot who develop the feel for what's  required to fly them well.

Many valuable techniques  used by glider pilots are also taught such as use of glide angles in  managing altitude for power off approaches, effects of wind on glide  path, as well as  difference between best glide and minimum sink.

TCMG Courses

Private Pilot  Airplane Training

TCMG  provides training for the Private Pilot Airplane rating using a  Luscombe 8E and a Mooney A2A. The student would start their instruction  in the Luscombe, which provides an excellent platform for acquiring  strong stick and rudder skills.

After soloing the  Luscombe, the student is transitioned to the Mooney Cadet for the cross  country, instrument, and night flying phases of the training.

Benefits  of this approach are the student graduates with strong stick and rudder  skills as well as the ability to fly both tailwheeled and tricycle  geared airplanes.


Tail wheel Endorsement

We  also offer tail wheel  instruction in a Luscombe 8E, an airplane with  flying qualities well suited to this type of training.  The training  duration varies based on previous experiences but would typically take  ten hours for a pilot with no previous experience with tail wheel  aircraft. The pilot receives a tail wheel endorsement after completion  of this course.

Spin Training

Loss  of Control (LOC) accidents remain a leading contributor of accident  fatalities. TCMG offers stall awareness and spin training in the  Luscombe 8E with a focus on developing the skills needed to safely deal  with unexpected upsets, upsets usually caused by encountering some form  on stall.  The pilot receives a spin endorsement upon completion this  course.

New Courses

Commercial Pilot  Training

TCMG offers a Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land course in the Mooney A2A. 

Flight Instructor Airplane

TCMG offers a course leading to Flight Instructor using the Mooney A2A and provides the required spin training in the Luscombe.

Sport Pilot Airplane Training

TCMG will also provide training for an initial issuance of Sport Pilot in Airplane using either the Mooney or Luscombe