TCMG Flight Training in Vero Beach

 TCMG Flight Training provides professional flight training services for anyone wanting to learn how to fly and obtain their pilot license in an airplane. 

TCMG Flight Training


TCMG Flight Training provides professional training services, based on more than 40 years of flight instruction at area schools, including Piper Aircraft Corporation and Flight Safety Academy, using a well maintained fleet of classic airplanes..


Why Choose TCMG

Looking to pursue you goal of getting a pilot license or learning how to tame a tailwheel airplane, TCMG has the skills and equipment to help you with this task. Our emphasis is on building solid piloting skills while developing the requisite proficiency leading to you reaching those goals. 

We operate seven days per week providing flexible scheduling which accommodates your busy schedules, using a fleet of well maintained airplanes, equipped with  modern avionics like GPS and ADSB.

TCG accepts cash, check, or any major credit card. 

Private Pilot 

TCMG offers a Private Pilot Single Engine course which prepares students to become safe proficient pilots using our modernized classic aircraft. 

You'll progress through the various phases - first leaning how to fly, accumulating solo proficiency, crossing country flying, basic instruments, and night flight. After completing these phases you'll be prepared to take the Practical Test leading to  the award of your pilot license..


Tail wheel Endorsement

TCMG offers  tail wheel  instruction in a Luscombe 8E, an airplane with  flying qualities well suited to this type of training.  The training  duration varies based on previous experiences but would typically take  ten hours for a pilot with no previous experience with tail wheel  aircraft. The pilot receives a tail wheel endorsement at completion .

Spin Training

Loss  of Control (LOC) accidents remain a leading contributor of accident  fatalities. TCMG offers stall awareness and spin training in the  Luscombe 8E with a focus on developing the skills needed to safely deal  with unexpected upsets, upsets usually caused by encountering some form  of stall.  The pilot receives a spin endorsement upon completion this  course.